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Colourmusic - Put in a Little Gas

by Rich Morris Rating:5 Release Date:2010-03-08

'Put in a Little Gas', by "the world's first ever Yorkshire/Oklahoma-based band", is a funny old beast, and intentionally so, you suspect. It starts off as a big, garrulous, fuzzy rock'n'roll tune powered forward by huge surging riffs, over which floats a choir of blissful vocals. It sounds like early Supergrass collaborating with The Polyphonic Spree, and it's quite nifty. Then, however, the riffing abruptly cuts out to be replaced by what sounds like a nursery rhyme about driving a car. It sounds like something from Playdays (or whatever its 21st century equivalent is. Saturday Kitchen or whatever). It's disconcerting and totally ruins the hazy stoner rock 'vibe'. Thankfully, some stomping glam rock action kicks in after that. In summary: glam rock - good. Weird lullabies that sound like they're sung by an adult baby Jeremy Clarkson - not so good.

Richard Morris

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