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New Young Pony Club - Chaos

by Rich Morris Rating:6 Release Date:2010-03-01

You can't help feeling a bit sorry for NYPC. They had some great, synthpopping songs like 'Ice Cream' on their first album Fantasy Playroom but getting lumped in with the whole overblown media wish fulfillment of new rave did them no favours. No one wants the supposed new thing rammed down their throats. This probably goes a long way towards explaining why, like CSS with 'Left Behind' in 2008, NYPC have elected to come back with a brooding, chugging, slightly po-faced number. 'Chaos' is still pop through and through, but its pop that doesn't feel like dancing anymore because its feet hurt and the eye-candy it's been chasing all night is necking the DJ. The question is: do people really want this from NYPC? Tellingly, the single comes with a pretty fabulous Rory Phillips remix, indicating NYPC haven't left the dancefloor behind yet.

Richard Morris

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