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Fabrizio Cammarata - La Llorona

by Rob Taylor Rating:10 Release Date:2016-11-30

The haunting 'La Llorona' is a traditional Mexican song, achingly sad and beautiful in equal measure. Fabrizio Cammarata, an Italian from Palermo, became fascinated with the legendary folklore of the ghost figure, La Llorona during travels though Mexico. Traditionally believed to be a woman whose soul is in limbo after the tragic drowning of her children, the legend of La Llorona ('Weeping Woman') throughout its re-telling also represents the torments of a lover, and even the Virgin Mary.

The animations in the film clip to 'La Llorona' by Valentina Lo Duca are meticulously drawn frame by frame with Indian Ink, and represent a woman on a journey towards a world of shadows. It's enthralling to watch, a figure of beauty and elegance, spinning dervishes against a forbidding void, where random ink splotches appear and re-appear representing darkness. The figure is eventually swallowed up by the shadows which loom around her. 

The song has a grandiosity. Cammarata's performance is hot-blooded, the genuine evocation of a doomed yet romantic figure. The guitars are vaguely mariachi, and those that respond to the cross-pollinated sounds of Calexico and Los Lobos will undoubtedly be moved by these passionate latin sounds.    

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