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The Moonlandingz - Black Hanz EP

by Sean Hewson Rating:9 Release Date:2016-12-30

The Moonlandingz are a genuinely exciting, new band (although they’re all in other bands too). A ragtag bunch of boys and girls, young and old. They combine the high-brow and the low-brow effortlessly and create a weird Psychedelic, Electro-Glam that reminds me of the World Of Twist and the bands that came after them (Earl Brutus and The Pre New).

The first two songs on this EP (Black Hanz and Drop It Fauntleroy) combine driving drums with bubbling synth, bass and guitar. Over the top, Lias Saoudi’s contributions are far catchier than we’re used to from his work with the Fat White Family. Black Hanz also comes with a great synth and guitar freakout in the middle. The next song - Psych Ersatz - is slower and more atmospheric. It’s based around a primitive drum machine pattern with Lias intoning darkly over the top. The final song, The Cement Garden, is a short instrumental, quite like DJ Shadow or Portishead but without the beat.

The Black Hanz EP is another strong release from The Moonlandingz. Their live shows are Art-Glam mayhem and there’s a new album out in the new year. Now is a good time to start checking out this highly entertaining meeting of minds.

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