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The Witch and the Robot - Hetero/Giants' Graves

by Rich Morris Rating:5 Release Date:2010-02-22

"What do you know about hetero?/ Oh no!" wail certifiable mentalists The Witch and the Robot with a commendable lack of anything approaching constraint. No idea - literally none - what they're on about here, but the proggy riffing, analogue synth sounds and pungent 'morris dancer on spiked scrumpy' vibe suggests these guys have spent a lot of time freaking out to seminal 60s beardy weirdies Gong. 'Hetero' sounds like a hypnagogic troll-music reimaging of 'Blockbuster' by The Sweet and is, for that reason alone, pretty ace. 'Giant's Graves', on the other hand, sounds like a Mighty Boosh joke song about looking for giants' graves at 'illegal raves'. Its ho-ho-ho tweeness is actually a bit sick-making. To round things off, we're treated to a British Sea Power remix of 'Hetero' which is… inconsequential.

Richard Morris

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