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Tuung - Hustle

by Rich Morris Rating:5 Release Date:2010-02-22

'Hustle' has many good things going for it: It's bright and breezy, like the first hint of spring in the air. It's got a banjo in it - always good news. From the second verse on, some interesting studio trickery kicks in, with odd percussive sounds, backwards effects and a blizzard of white noise towards the end. Good, good, good. On the downside, singer Mike Lindsay's voice sound like Mike Rutherford, of Mike and the Mechanics/Genesis 'fame', making this sound a bit too Melody FM to deliver the fun it promises. Oh well. Another good thing: there're some nice, airy backing vocals from melodica player Becky Jacobs. They should have let her sing the whole song.

Richard Morris


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