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Tulipomania - Who Let You Know / Don't Be So Sure

by Steve Ricciutti Rating:8 Release Date:2016-11-18

Tulipomania’s latest album, released earlier this year The Gilded Age was well received and this two-song single of “Who Let You Know” and “Don’t Be So Sure” offers a pair of songs from the aforementioned release. Additionally, the band has been rewarded with spots in recent film festivals thanks to their artistic and inventive videos.

How to describe these songs? Imagine NyQuil as a musical offering, slithering down your throat, eyes slowly closing, muscles slackening, spine melting into your plush couch, and you may get something of an idea of what’s happening here. A small unit out of Philadelphia, Tulipomania offer a wall of cascading liquefied music, hypnotic, tranquil, yet oddly urgent. Drummer and vocalist Tom Murray pleads thoughtful lyrics amidst his steady percussive time-keeping, Mitch Smith’s swirling guitars, and Cheryl Gelover’s tinkling keys, barely keeping his head above the dreamscape. It’s a hypnotic aural Quaalude, the kind of listening experience that may lure you into utter surrender to the pleasure; laid back, headphones on, fuck it all.

If you woke up in America on November 9th as I did, you may want to download this, click “repeat,” perhaps treat your glaucoma, and just forget about the fact that Donald Trump is now the leader of the free world. Float on.

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