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Rox - My Baby Left Me

by Rich Morris Rating:8 Release Date:2010-03-15

Rough Trade previously dipped a toe in the nu-soul sound when co-owner Jeanette Lee managed anodyne singer Duffy, introducing her to producer Bernard Butler and pointing her in a soul direction. Lee must have liked the experience, because 'My Baby Left Me' is both sassy and soulful, two words not normally associated with a Rough Trade artist. Thankfully, this song, which has been circulating on the internet in a different form since 2008, is far from the kind of bland, family listening, milky tea soul with which Duffy made her name. At its centre is a great vocal from Londoner Rox, cold and steely in the verses like a pre-mentalist Lauryn Hill, big-lunged and testifying on the chorus. Meanwhile, the music is modern with its beats, old school with its horns and piano. It deserves to be a hit. Just make sure you banish all thoughts of that irksome twit Mark Ronson when listening to it.

Richard Morris

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Rox - My Baby Left Me - Singles - Reviews - Soundblab
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