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Parenthetical Girls - Evelyn McHale

by Rich Morris Rating:2 Release Date:2010-02-23

In 1947, a 23-year-old named (you guessed it) Evelyn McHale jumped to her death from the observation deck of the Empire State Building, plummeting past 86 floors before crashing onto the roof of a taxi. Her lifeless body swaddled in the wreckage was snapped by a photographer named Robert Wiles. The monochrome image became known as 'The Most Beautiful Suicide in the World'. If you're a philistine like Soundblab, Google it now and have a look. It is, you agree, strangely beautiful; an epithet which unfortunately cannot be extended to Parenthetical Girls' song about the image, the first of five limited-edition 12" EPs which will comprise the Portland group's fourth release, Privilege. It's little more than bloodless, make-do indie. Why have Parenthetical Girls written a song about something that happened 63 years ago and didn't involve them in any way? If that's the question you just asked, then deduct yourself 10 pretention points and go and read The Bell Jar while listening to Radiohead until you appreciate the terrible beauty of a cheap holiday in other people's misery.

Richard Morris

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