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No Bra - Munchausen

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Not an actual song so much as an extended, increasingly desperate game of cooler than thou one-upmanship from a couple of (almost certainly) London hipsters, 'Munchausen' is as hilarious and quotable as a classic Python sketch. Over a piece of deliberately clunky, thuggish lo-fi electronica, our two heroes, apparently both named Munchausen, greet each other in some kind of gallery/art space before both scrabbling for the upper-hand in the coolness stakes with a blizzard of namedropping, bragging and blatant lies.

Their increasingly surreal claims include picnicking with Kathleen Hanna, pissing on Karlheinz Munchausen, contracting syphilis in Topshop, making pizza out of dead cats and hanging out with David Blaine. Eventually, sensing neither of them will concede defeat, both resort to boasting wildly about their cock sizes. The conflict is finally settled when one Munchausen admits s/he fancies the other, who of course replies "So do I". It's a fantastic punchline, but the best thing about 'Munchausen' is the detail, such as the way the hipster twonks gabble mindlessly away, each responding to the other's claims with a bored, banal "Reeeeeally" - the egomaniac's way of indicating they aren't listening to anyone but themselves.

If, by choice or profession, you spend a lot of time hanging around the musicians, artists, DJs and assorted hangers-on who swirl around any scene, you will have met people just like this. And you'll probably have dearly longed to murder the hell out them. Well, now you can go home and listen to this awesome little nugget of whiplash satire instead. And laugh yourself silly at the existence of such pathetic, deluded cunts.

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