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Spirit Spine - Crashers (Highs and Lows)

by Rich Morris Rating:6 Release Date:2010-02-15

Evidence that Animal Collective's floaty, trippy sound continues to spread is here in the form of this debut UK single from Indiana's Joseph Denney, aka Spirit Spine. 'Crashers (Highs and Lows)' skips along on fluttering heart-beat drums and tinkling, ethereal piano. Its whole 'taking a shower in a mountain stream with the Na'vi' vibe is really nice but a little uneventful; something not helped by Denny's dirge-like vocals on the verses. Apparently, this song's about the end of the world but you can't tell since it all sounds so placid and pleased with itself.

In fact, the two B-sides here (yes, Soundblab still likes to say A-side and B-side; deal with it, ok?), 'Like That/Like This (Lessons Remix)' and 'New Age' are far more interesting. The latter is a daze of post-rock ambient hum and hiss, while the former sounds like The Walker Brothers performing in the vortex from the end of 2001: A Space Odyssey with a cartoon bear and should probably have been the A-side.

Richard Morris

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