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Goldray - Soulchild

by Mark Steele Rating:9 Release Date:2016-10-28

It has been a year since their last single 'Outloud', and it is with equal passion and potency, that surely arrives Goldray's newest sonic tapestry, 'Soulchild'. Leah Rasmussen - Vocals, Kenwyn House - Guitar and Geoff Laurens - Bass, collectively have revived a golden era of harmonic and rhythmic exploration.

The song is led off with a swinging blues Cream-esque riff by Kenwyn, then in steps Leah's rich Lulu haunting vocals then it very briefly pauses for Kenwyn's guitar alongside Geoff's bass and the drums to take it up a notch alongside breathtaking soaring vocal bursts from Leah into the starry expanse. The song manages well to switch between a swirling calm and ecstatic overload. The thing that can be heard with Leah's vocals is that they reach high, actually, it recalls the sheer power found an not heard since Carol Decker of 80's band T'Pau in her vocal range. They truly reach inside you and skyrocket you upward, in what can only be described as a spiraling flash and firestorm, led by the guitar's veracity.

If that is not enough, 'Soulchild'  breaks forth with battle thunder, allowing the Jimi Hendrix from antiquity guitar solo through Kenwyn, to release a revitalized essence back into the rock and roll realm. While many popular young rock bands seem to chase and blatantly clone the latest new sounds, pretty much an artistic trap if you're not aware. Goldray serves as a living example, as a continually progressing entity amongst few artists. Call it experiential hindsight and bags of versatility, but it is these elements that sincerely inject another level of contagious enthusiasm and an inventive passion not seen in our current musical dimension for a long time. May they continue to write equally potent songs and draw more to their unique presence.

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Goldray - Soulchild - Singles - Reviews - Soundblab
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