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The Strokes - Juicebox

by Lawrence Poole Rating:7 Release Date:2005-10-17

Like Oasis, The Strokes fall into that strange and impossible category where every album they release is hailed as a return to form.

The reason for this of course is because so important are both bands to the UK's music press than the possibility of slamming an Oasis or Strokes album at the time of its release is not an option, so they wait cannily until it's follow-up comes out to do that, while simultaneously showering the current release with superlatives.

The Strokes' third album, First Impressions Of Earth, is a case in point. Rapturously received, so desperate were NME et al to have them back, it also gave their hacks the opportunity to stick the knife into the previously heralded, Room On Fire.

In fact, unlike Oasis, each of their studio albums excels and is deserving of praise, yet just like Oasis none of them surpasses their debut offering.

FIOE was preceded by the single Juicebox, and after revisiting the track and the humourous radio station-based accompanying video for the purpose of this review - it still sound as fresh, thrilling and vital as ever.

And while it may not stray too far from the 2001 Is This It garage-rock blueprint that rocketed the NYC quintet into the hearts and minds of the nation, it still simply doesn't sound like anybody else - a scuzzy, epic taster for the album, which tantalises this writer's ears for their eventual return later this year - bring it on!

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