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The Ruby Suns - Cranberry

by Rich Morris Rating:7 Release Date:2010-03-01

'Cranberry' is apparently about the day New Zealanders The Ruby Suns visited Cranberry Lake on Fidalgo Island near Seattle. It must have been a really special day for these guys because they've immortalised it in a song so blummin' sunshiny it'll very possibly boost your body's vitamin D level into the danger zone. 'Cranberry' starts with looped marshal drums and Beach Boys harmonies before a gloriously twonky rave synth fanfare starts up. For here on, it's all crystal clear vocals scudding against blue skies and cheeky Afrobeat rhythms. It's like Animal Collective, but with that lurking underbelly of gnawing angst filleted out. The kids are calling this kind of sound chill-wave. The kids need to come up with better names for pretty music.

Richard Morris

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