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Swanton Bombs - Viktoria

by Rich Morris Rating:1 Release Date:2010-02-01

For those of you wondering when The Others are going to drop that all-important third album and missing the halcyon days when barely competent, almost mind-bendingly derivative four-chord ramalama thrash was all over the NME, well, meet your new favourite band! Swanton Bombs make the kind of knuckle dragging rock noise even The Stooges would probably have considered a touch too basic, all wrapped up in Topshop-jeaned, pseudo-Velvets cool which lets you know their bullish, charmless thrash is down to a simple lack of competency and imagination rather than some kind of devilishly atavistic art statement. They also mention London in the lyrics, presumably because they're from London and bands from London like to make a big deal about it in the mistaken belief that the capital's glamorous cachet will rub off on them. It won't. In fact, if we're comparing music to geography, Swanton Bombs are Slough.

Richard Morris

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