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The Maccabees feat Roots Manuva - Empty Vessels

by Rich Morris Rating:5 Release Date:2010-02-01

While the glitzy, grasping colonisation of Britain's pop charts by urban artists tired of living without a hit continues, Roots Manuva, a genuine UK hip hop veteran, has teamed up with The Maccabees to create this reworking of 'No Kind Words' from the band's last album Wall of Arms. The result is a brooding, crackling track that's about as far from Dizzie Rascal's 'Holiday' as Scunthorpe is from the Costa del Sol. 'Empty Vessels' is very much a track of two halves, with Roots dominating to begin with, delivering portents of doom over subdued, bellyaching beats. An eruption of guitar moves the song into its second half, where it unfortunately blands out to become a by-the-numbers indie tantrum. Ultimately, 'Empty Vessels' is a bit too close to those 'grindie' collaborations of a few years back where neither party managed to show their best side. A shame.

Richard Morris

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