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Marina and the Diamonds - Hollywood

by Rich Morris Rating:3 Release Date:2010-02-01

Tipped just about everywhere as being so hot right now, Marina and the Diamonds are Florence + the Machine: The Next Generation, and its not just the 'girl's name plus noun' construction of the name that rings so familiar. It's the desperate air of look-at-me ostentatiousness, the fog horn vocals that can't support such showboating, and the studied kooky girl act. 'Hollywood' is some kind of clod-footed satire on fame-chasing, US culture junkies, apparently, but just check how many times Marina honks the word 'America'. We all know mainstream American consumers like their pop products to remind them where they live, right? Think of Born in the USA, American Idol and, erm, American Psycho (OK, not that last one). Is Marina trying to pull off the same trick as Razorlight? Namely, getting America's attention just by mentioning it a lot. Conveniently, Marina namechecks Shakira and Catherine Zeta-Jones, so we know where to bracket her. Everything about this song reeks of focus-grouped falsehood and nothing more so than the chorus: "I'm obsessed with the mess that's America". No love, you're obsessed with yourself.

Richard Morris

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