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DJ Hell feat Bryan Ferry - U Can Dance

by Rich Morris Rating:3 Release Date:2010-01-25

Alleged German house 'master' DJ Hell claims he was "always fascinated by Ferry - not only with his music but himself as an iconic figure". While the position of ex-Roxy Music's Bryan Ferry as an art-rock pioneer is indisputable, it's a shame that Hell's reworking of his vocals from the unreleased - and less trendily abbreviated - track 'You Can Dance' is somewhat off-target. As Ferry croons breathily, like a latter-day Bowie at times, it seems his vocals could have been moulded more 'iconically' with a less predictable backing track.

Considering Hell's popularity, there's nothing particularly engaging about it. Save the higher-pitched synthy bloops he's borrowed from Depeche Mode's latest album to lighten the trudge through houseville, it's a slow-burning electro-dirge that tries to dip into darkness but trips over into bland predictability. Four of the five remixes do nothing to soften the fall, though Simian Mobile Disco have a valiant bash at including some entertaining noises and beat oddities; hopefully they tipped off Hell in the process. So Herr Hell, I can dance a bit actually, yes. But not to this. Only arthritic robots can dance to this. Cue Ferry.

Clare Stemp

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\"But not to this. Only arthiritic robots can dance to this.\" LOLZ...

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