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Ocean Colour Scene - Magic Carpet Days

by Rich Morris Rating:5 Release Date:2010-01-25

OSC were kings of the mod popping, trad rocking late 90s, anointed by Weller himself and seemingly blessed with a limitless supply of drive time riffs. Now, after a little lull in activity, they're back and, honestly, the temptation to line their grizzled chops between the sights of the Soundblab review rifle is quite a strong one. But you know what? 'Magic Carpet Days' isn't that horrible. Yeah, it's inconsequential and faintly depressing, like listening to James May enthuse about airfix models like a man whose testicles never descended, but there's a likeable, twinkly flutter of piano and lady vocals happening under the regulation chug which lifts 'Magic Carpet Days' above the expected lackadaisical dad rock plod. Put it this way, Kelly Jones will be green with envy when he hears this.

Richard Morris

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