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Hurts - Wonderful Life

by Rich Morris Rating:5 Release Date:2010-01-18

Last week Soundblab dished out an almighty slagging to 'Blood Tears and Gold' by Hurts. Soundblab stands by that slagging. Now we are faced with this Arthur Baker remix of an earlier song, which, thanks to the involvement of the beardy producer of 'Planet Rock' and 'Confusion', can at least lay claim to being shamelessly 80s with authority. Soundblab was particularly upset by the original's unutterably pretentious video, which looks like something Rick Astley might have produced if he'd been drained of serotonin and locked in a warehouse with a camera and a voguing fag hag.

Thankfully, this remix is much more upbeat and 'club smash' worthy than the original, although just as moody in its painlessly glossy way. The overwhelming desire to be The Pet Shop Boys still hums off them like over-ripe brie and the debt the whole affair owes to Black's identically named work of seminal 80s blandness (which also came with a monochrome video) is bleeding obvious. But it's not too bad as long as you don't mind being moped at by shop window dummies in Moss Bros suits.

Richard Morris

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Hurts - Wonderful Life - Singles - Reviews - Soundblab
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