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The Teenagers - Homecoming

by Al Brown Rating: Release Date:

This is a complete absurdity of a song. The spoken word verses - in which a summertime fling is described by both the boy and girl involved - are ridiculous enough, but when the chorus comes round and a young French man sings the immortal line: "I fucked my American cunt", you know this is a one-off. For his part, I read an interview with the lead singer who claimed he thought 'cunt' was just an ordinary word for 'vagina' and had no idea of the connotations. I don't believe him for a second, but I love that he fact he said that. The weird thing about this song is that it is, musically anyway, kind of beautiful: it's got that dreamy, nostalgic guitar and synth thing; it's got a heartbeat bass-drum that makes my knees go weak; it's the kind of tune the class of 2010's eighties revivalists would kill for. And those French cunts wasted it on this snarky, vulgar bit of throwaway fun. C'est la vie, losers!

Alistair Brown

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