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Having hit big with their folky debut Dreamboat Annie, Heart quickly reinvented themselves as a stadium rock band of massive proportions, a period peaking with the Zeppelin-esque Bebe Le Strange. Though the early 80s saw them fade, a move to Capitol Records and an embracing of mainstream balladeering raised them to their highest-ever levels of popularity. This album's collects a decade's worth of Capitol singles, and includes such hits as "Alone", "These Dreams" (both chart toppers), "Never" and "All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You". Sadly, being a singles collection, it ignores much of the band's best work during that period (almost without exception written by the Wilson sisters), for instance the howling epics "Bad Animals" and "The Night", and the wonderfully delicate "Under The Sky". Yet, with most of the entries here being penned by such hit-machines as Dianne Warren, Albert Hammond and Steinberg/Kelly, the quality remains high and it's all, of course, hugely energised by Ann Wilson's near-unbelievable voice, without doubt one of the finest in rock's long history. An acceptable Greatest Hits that leaves you yearning for a Best Of. --Dominic Wills

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