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Liars - Scissor

by Rich Morris Rating:8 Release Date:2009-12-08

A downloadable taste of Liars' Sisterworld album, 'Scissor' is like a smoke-furled film noir which suddenly erupts into psychotropic technicolour midway through. Over ominous gospel harmonies, weeping cello and stalking bass, singer Angus Andrew delivers a prime Nick Cave murder ballad: "I dragged her body to the parking lot," he mews like a holy man utterly lost to sin, "I tried to find her a savoir amongst the cars/ just then I began to quiver/ when I saw her blinking eye." At this point the song explodes into a nerve-shredding garage freak-out before collapsing abruptly in on itself. And then it is gone. Impressions: confusing, violent, beautiful, ugly, stunning.

Richard Morris

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Liars - Scissor - Singles - Reviews - Soundblab
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