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These New Puritans - We Want War

by Rich Morris Rating:6 Release Date:2009-12-08

One of the few bands to emerge in 2007 free of the dread taint of landfill indie, These New Puritans have clearly decided to go for broke with the leftfield influences on their new album Hidden, from whence comes 'We Want War'. So we get tribal drumming, dead-voice chants, ominous synthetic quacks and a mournful brass band closer, all stretched out over seven-and-a-half minutes. If the object is to sound as little like Pigeon Detectives as possible, mission accomplished. It's certainly ambitious stuff but perhaps TNP should be wary of sailing so close to the waters of proggy pretension without a clear purpose and, well, maybe even a bit of a tune to back it up.

Richard Morris

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