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Bob Dylan - Must Be Santa

by Rich Morris Rating:3 Release Date:2009-12-21

Just like the Grinch, but with a twatty mustache and a bad case of laryngitis, Dylan doesn't 'get' Christmas, as evidenced by this: a Christmas song so weird and skewed it sounds like it must be the product of a country that doesn't celebrate Christmas and only knows a few rudimentary facts about cultures that do and has inexplicably decided to chuck them all into one song regardless of whether they fit. So here we get Bob yowling a sketchy description of Santa (he has a white beard and a 'cherry nose' apparently) along to a queasy romp powered forward by an accordion. That's right - that wheezy, squeezy noise box whose sound is so redolent of yuletide, and not at all of alfresco cafés and men in berets flaunting their onions at you. Towards the end, Bob begins chanting the names of Santa's reindeer, but starts throwing ex-presidents including Nixon and Ragan into the mix. Was this on purpose or did he just get confused? The musical equivalent of seeing Santa nailed to a crucifix.

Richard Morris

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This song is the pits.

Dylan has done some great stuff in his time but some fans will allow him to get away with anything.

I will certainly not be buying this.

Frank Leyland (UK)

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