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Julian Casablancas - I Wish it was Christmas Today

by Rich Morris Rating:10 Release Date:2009-12-21

His recent solo album Phrazes for the Young wasn't much cop, was it? Oh well. Chin up, Casablancas fans, because this is fantastic. It's apparently based on a nine-year-old Saturday Night Live skit, which seems nicely obscure and once again proves that our Jooles is at his best when acting as a cipher for the genius of others. Here, he channels The Ramones, chucks in some sleigh bells and spangley organ and lets the whole thing rock around the Christmas tree while he strikes coolly insouciant poses. "I don't care what the neighbours say/ Christmas time is near," he drawls. Presumably he's got some orthodox Jews on one side and Richard Dawkins on the other. And doesn't that sound like the perfect set up for Julian Casablancas' Christmas Special? I'll leave you with that thought.

Richard Morris

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