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Mumford & Sons - Winter Winds

by Rich Morris Rating:1 Release Date:2009-12-07

Hailed as charmingly rustic and sentimental, London folkies Mumford & Sons sound like scabby-faced, badger-breathed geezers but are in fact apple-cheeked poppets with fashionable shoes.

'Winter Winds' is a banjo-popping, wheezy number about the futility of love in the face of encroaching death - a funny way to try and pull the girl with the natty jumper and the pint of Rancid Goat you've been eyeing up at the open mic night. To be fair to Young Man Mumford, he ratchets up the epic quota by mentioning God and pestilence, making it sound like Mumford and Sons have written the first English folk song about the glory of Jihad.

But let us not bugger flies - 'Winter Winds' is surely a gimlet-eyed bid for Xmas chart glory. In which case, what we have here is 'Fairytale of New York' minus Shane Macgowan's alchy pathos and Kirsty MacColl's lachrymose wisdom. And, really, what is the point of that?

Richard Morris

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