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Camera Obscura - The Blizzard

by Rich Morris Rating:9 Release Date:2009-12-07

What's this? Bells a-jingling? Wind effects a-blowing? Could our Cams have made a Christmas ditty? "It's nearly Christmas time," sighs Tracyanne Campbell. That'll be a big, fat, jolly-bearded yes, then.

In an alternate universe, an infinitely saner one where America already has national healthcare and where a merciless cyborg was sent back in time to exterminate Simon Cowell in utero, this luxuriously melancholic song (a cover of a song by Jim Reeves, in fact) has already ascended to number one and is warming the cockles of shoppers as they mill around selecting last minute presents for their loved ones. Sound nice? Well tough turkey, buster. You do not live in that universe. Instead, you get to enjoy the hilarious John and Edward wig your auntie has bought you while being serenaded by the peeled cat keening of whichever numpty wins X Factor. Pass the sherry. Merry bloomin' Christmas.

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