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LCD Soundsystem - Bye Bye Bayou

by Rich Morris Rating: Release Date:

No one understands the possibility of a well chosen cover version better than postmodern alt-disco sultan James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem, a man whose very DNA, should it be unpicked genome by genome, probably contains information on every great funk, punk and mutant disco record ever made, vital clues which will help the record collections of future generations achieve full potential and eradicate soporific dullards like Snow Patrol for good. Hooray.

Until that time, we shall make do with this, Ver System's exquisite cover of an Alan Vega track, which transmutes the original's strung-out, lizard-eyed rockabilly into claustrophobic dub, punctuated with crashing drums and echoing effects that scythe through the glutinous rhythm like helicopter blades through crepuscular tropical heat. Meanwhile, Murphy reduces Vega's junkie king whine to a cool, insinuating whisper, inviting you to dance while Babylon burns.

Raddled punk obscurity into black-hearted dance classic for a new decade. Easy when you know how.

Richard Morris

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