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HEALTH - Die Slow

by Rich Morris Rating: Release Date:2009-04-13

'Die Slow' packs one hell of a kick. A churning, glitching mother of a song, it makes hay with both dance and industrial, but at no point does anything as conventional as sound like an industrial dance track. Instead, while the beat thumps insistently and the synths do their best to make everything twinkle, the explosive, scything guitar sounds like something U2's The Edge might come up with if he was possesses with the irresistible urge to play something interesting for once, and Jake Duzsik's sexless, boneless voice sounds like a mere ghost in the machine. Every fiber of the song's being is frequently wrung completely out of shape by a series of glitches, ructions and hellish techno farts. And these moments are the best bits of a truly excellent song.

Richard Morris

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