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thecocknbullkid - I'm Not Sorry

by Rich Morris Rating:10 Release Date:

Anita Blay, thecocknbullkid, is the kind of pop star Soundblab spends insomniac nights praying for. A 23-year-old former convent girl hailing from newly hip Hackney, she held forth in interviews about her art house ideas, the innate racism of a music industry confounded by a black artist who didn't make grime, and why her short hair and puppy fat allowed her to sidestep the tawdry likes of Nuts magazine. A shame, then, that 2009 wasn't her year, belonging instead to lesser stars like La Roux (weird but dull), Little Boots (pretty but dull) and Lady Gaga (My eyes! My eyes!). But she did make some great, genre-smudging music which deserves to be celebrated.

'I'm Not Sorry' mixes Tricky circa Maxinquaye claustrophobia with a minimalist electro pulse and a dash of Neneh Cherry's 'Buffalo Stance' to create something taunt but soulful, based in R'n'B but totally Unamerican. Like Neneh, the kid presents an image of granite hard womanhood, desirable but utterly self-possessed, as she weaves a tale of Machiavellian control and curdled love. 'I have to be this absolute if I'm ever to make a man of you,' she deadpans before trilling 'Do you hate me?' is a voice so honeyed it's frankly chilling. Is this woman a lover or a mother? Is that distinction even clear to her or the poor idiot boy she's crushing? We don't know, but what we're left with is a fabulously funky yet cold and obsidian-dark ode to tough love. Tough like a bullet in the balls.

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