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Vampire Weekend - Oxford Comma

by Al Brown Rating: Release Date:

There's a generosity of spirit in Oxford Comma that, for me, nullifies all those jibes about Vampire Weekend being a cynical bunch of backpacker toffs. Here they reject cynicism and snobbery and put the world to rights in their own gentle way: tackling grammar-nazis and inviting you to wonder about why people lie about how much "coal" they have. Then there's that lovely mellow pipe-organ filling in the spaces between the drum-beats and those strange references to Li'l Jon and showing paintings at the United Nations. It's one of those songs where the lyrics all seem to be loosely related to each other but only make sense in fragments. The general theme is one of tolerance: of not pulling people up on every little mistake to boost your own ego, of the intrinsic foolishness of bragging about your cultural exploits or lying about your wealth. This is Vampire Weekend at their best; hinting at their higher-than-average ability in both a musical and intellectual sense, but then deciding that making a great pop song is what really matters.

Alistair Brown

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