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thecocknbullkid - On My Own

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A great sassy soul-on-a-shoestring statement from Hackney's Anita Blay, aka thecocknbullkid, 'On My Own' is very much in keeping with the kitchen stink/busted romance genre which in 2008 was the vogue for UK female singer-songwriters from Kate Nash to Adele. Unlike the others, however, Blay's far too classy and self-assured to get weepy and needy over her no-good man. There's an iciness at the heart of 'On My Own' which makes you think the guy she's singing to would be wasting his time no matter how hard he tried to impress, makes you think that title is a statement of intent rather than a mere threat. 'I associate you with being provocative but stupid' she pouts before spreading her wings for a sing-song chorus which gives the lie to any notion she'll be mourning the death of this little love affair.

If Blay was based in the US, this song would be a greased pole of futuristic R'n'B for her vocals to gyrate pneumatically against. Instead, it's a down-in-the-dumps slouch, morose and headachy like the morning after a drunken row. Which is not to give the impression it isn't great, just honest in a way these songs seldom are. Blay isn't interested in sugar coating the pill for either us or the object of her contempt. To prove it, we're treated to a bracingly unexpected outburst of cranky organ noise towards the end. "I still think you're beautiful/ you'll never be as smart as me though". She's way too good for him.

Richard Morris

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