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This Will Destroy You - Neumos

by Brian Lange. Rating:9 Release Date:2013-04-15

Though taking the stage in a modest and humble fashion, it seems as though everything that comes out of Texas can’t not be 'Texas Proud'. This Will Destroy You, from San Marcos, Texas, consists of Jeremy Galindo, Chris King, Donovan Jones, and Alex Bhore. None of them take the role of 'leader', as they seem to all contribute equally to the band. Their dedication to be purely instrumental, eliminating the need for a lead vocalist, helps this fact. 

Sporting mini-headlamps strapped to their San Antonio Spurs hats, and matching plaid shirts, TWDY 'took to the stage' mere minutes after setting up the stage themselves. With an overall focus on minimalism, the stage consisted of two podiums facing each other, the drum kit, and a small stool for the one of the guitarists. 

The music was nearly flawless.  The crowd was engaged and respectful.  Despite it being an all-ages show, shenanigans were absent and people really did come for the music.  Neumos, a venue in the hipster-ridden Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, is perhaps the best and only venue choice apropos for post-rock, only weeks before hosting one of two Godspeed You Black Emperor shows and fellow Texans, Explosions in the Sky, in years gone by. 

While the lack of stage lighting did seem to underscore the fact that perhaps the music should be the focus of the event, the relatively lackluster and cliché Rorschach-style psychedelic projections behind the band seemed to negate this lack of stage lighting.  Disappointingly, the background imagery was not very intriguing and was often distracting.  You can go too far, as in the case of Nine Inch Nails, who have more money and access to technology than they know what’s good for them, or take the conceptual route as bands such as Portishead, GYBE, or Mogwai have proven to be effective.  A more developed stage lighting would likely have an added effect and the projections come off as lazy and cheesy.

Still, if it’s about the music and you could care less about what flashy lights are happening in the background, TWDY is one of the best.  They finish up their US tour at the end of March, before heading into Europe for a series of shows in April and May. 

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