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They Might Be Giants - Music Hall of Williamsburg

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At its heart, They Might Be Giants are John Flansburgh and John Linnell. From 1982 to the early 90s, that remained the case, but tonight, fans had a rare chance to revisit those days for the first time since 1991.

While the Johns were clearly nervous, their first set, consisting only of Flans, Linnell, and a tape-machine, went off without a hitch, and even included some never-before-heard tracks. Fans also saw the glorious return of The Stick, which almost killed the entire audience during its soundcheck.

While the highlight was, obviously, their duo set, the band still managed to drop a few gems during their second, more by-the-book, full band set, namely, 'Dead', 'Twisting' and 'Meet James Ensor' (that last in honor of his "Death Day", November 19th). Other stars of the evening were "Trouble, Awful , Devil, Evil", the live debut of one of the best tracks from this year's Dial-A-Song revival, and it was perfect live, "Daylight" another new one, slightly reminiscent of something Bowie might have done in his Hansa days, "Wearing A Raincoat", which translated beautifully to the new arrangement, and "I'll Sink Manhattan".
But not "Birdhouse In Your Soul", which sounded odd with only a backing track and the Johns. Only flaw in that first set.

It's the rare occasions like this where the band still manages to surprise and challenge their fans, even after doing what they do for such a long time, that makes them so good, so remarkable.

And, at long last, TMBG has (sort of) revealed the themes for their final three shows: December 31st will be their New Year's Eve show (complete with a countdown, "Auld Lang Syne", and Tipsy Flans), January 1st will be another Flood show, featuring the performance of the entire album and, on January 2nd...well, they've said they won't show up for that one, so, I suppose we'll see when the time comes...

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