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Tav Falco & The Panther Burns - Grand Victory

by Kevin Orton Rating:10 Release Date:2011-11-02

Williamsburg may be a post-graduate college town for trust fund babies, but leave it to a class act like Tav Falco - Panther Burns to steal it from the hipsters for a couple of hours and show them what hip is. He had a simply killer rhythm section in Mike Watt and Toby Dammit. Selections ranged from the Panther Burns debut (featuring the late, great Alex Chilton) and their new record which, if the live selections are any indication, is amazing.  

'Prison Bound' was a major highlight. He did a cracking rendition of Charlie Feathers' 'Jungle Fever'. The comb came out in-between songs and, of course, Tav showed off his tango skills. None too surprisingly, he's a great stylist on the guitar.

There is no one quite like Tav Falco. A mix of charm, elegance and humor, not to mention, deep Southern roots.  This is a man with a keen understanding of what Rock & Roll is: fun. The other most hep cat I bumped into was a dude my age with a Deke Dickerson and the Eccophonics t-shirt. Of course, my date outshone them all and the mussels in the trendy Willamsbug bistro was a nice touch.

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