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They Might Be Giants - Music Hall of Williamsburg

by paul_guyet Rating:9 Release Date:2011-11-02

"...A paper-white mask of evil..."

Apollo 18, They Might Be Giants' third studio album, marked their final effort as a duo. For this reason, it holds a special place amongst the hearts of fans. At the end of September, for the first time since June of 2003, they played (almost) the whole thing live. The spectacular thing about this show was that, between the Apollo 18 material and most of the rest of the set, it felt like a fantastic celebration of the early days of They Might Be Giants.

It's hard to pick the moments that stood out, as there were so many, but that's a total cop out. 'See The Constellation'; 'Dinner Bell'; 'Dig My Grave' (mainly since I haven't heard these in 12 years); 'The Statue Got Me High'; 'The Guitar'; 'Turn Around' (Linnell's energy while wielding his accordion was palpable); 'Cowtown' (with two clarinets!); and, finally, 'Fingertips', as a closer and in this context was just epic.

On the down side, the band decided to bring "People Vs. Apes" (AKA "Battle for the Planet of the Apes") back into the roster and, while it's a great chance to freak out on stage (please note the picture of Dan Miller playing his guitar with a drumstick), I'd much rather have had "Hall of Heads", which was a glaring omission from the set list. Linnell stated once that the subject matter of "I've Got A Match" is too personal for him, even now, decades later, and that's why it was skipped at this year's Lincoln show. I get that. Emotions. People have them and that's awesome. "Feign Amnesia"...I don't know, I'm not in a band, so that might have been too difficult to learn, or maybe they'd just run out of time, whatever, but seeing Apollo 18 live without "Hall of Heads", one of the strongest tracks from the album, was a massive bummer. It didn't spoil the evening, of course, but the absence was felt.

This month is Horntoberfest.

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