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They Might Be Giants - Music Hall of Williamsburg

by paul_guyet Rating: Release Date:2011-12-17

Yes, I did attend one of They Might Be Giants' two childrens' shows on Sunday, June 28. No, I do not have children. Yes, I felt a bit awkward.* No, I did not care.

Most of the differences between TMBG's 'adult' shows** and those for kids are cosmetic: the lights are up, the volume is down, there is an overabundance of confetti, but there's something deeper - specifically, their energy. At one point, Flansburgh said, "You are the fuel for They Might Be Giants", and I think he kind of meant it. 

Hands down, the star of the afternoon was drummer Marty Beller's explosive performance of his track from 2005's Here Come the ABCs, 'Alphabet Lost and Found'. It was as if, when center-stage and fronting the band, his entire body was his arms.

Other guest vocalists included bassist Danny Weinkauf (who also fronts the Red Pants Band on his own kids' album, No School Today), and Flansburgh's brassy and immensely talented wife, Robin 'Goldie' Goldwasser. Other great moments included 'I Never Go to Work' (with Kurt Ramm on the trumpet), 'Nonagon', 'Seven', and 'I Am a Paleontologist'***. Also, I have to mention that, although the majority of the set consisted of tracks from their four kids' albums, I think it's awesome and ballsy that they still managed to slip some darkness in with 'Older' and 'Robot Parade'****.

They Might Be Giants will hold an in-store performance and signing at Rough Trade East on Monday, July 20, and then head back to the States to perform all of their second album, Lincoln, on the 26.

* Although, thankfully, I did have my vivacious and youthful friend, Jesi with me. Why those adjectives in particular? Well, because the bouncer guy thought she was my daughter. Which didn't freak me out at all.

** A differentiator I've come to dislike as it lends to overly salacious imaginings. After being a fan for decades, I have never seen either John without his shirt. And I hope that trend continues for the remainder of my fandom.

*** If even one of these kids grows up to be a paleontologist that will be so fucking cool.

**** I don't care how much Flans jumps around, that vocal effect is sinister as hell.

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