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They Might Be Giants - Music Hall of Williamsburg

by paul_guyet Rating:8 Release Date:2012-01-09

On April 20th, They Might Be Giants released their seventeenth studio album, Glean.* On April 26th, at the fourth of 12 shows on the last Sunday of each month this year, the band and their fans celebrated it. 

TMBG ended up playing over half of the new album, most of which translated wonderfully to the stage, but I'm hoping they'll toss those last few songs into the rotation at some point. The people need to see 'Aaa' live.

Highlights included 'New York City' (and its segue into 'Ana Ng'), 'Alphabet of Nations', 'Fingertips', and the second encore, which consisted of 'Dead' into 'Birdhouse in Your Soul'**, but, the stars of the evening were the first New York performance of 'Unpronounceable', which is destined to become a live staple for years to come***, and a triumphant, thunderous cover of 'Bills, Bills, Bills' by Destiny's Child, which might be intended as a joke, but they do it too well for it to be funny.

This show was the last before a short break on their US tour. TMBG plan on hitting the UK this fall.

Next month, the band will tackle the whole of their 2007 album, The Else.

* And it's quite good.

** A song I have seen performed live about 70 times during the duration of my fandom, and I am STILL. NOT. SICK OF IT. This speaks, either, to the quality of the song, my mental health, or, perhaps, both.

*** This counts as a news site, right? So, if I write something here and someone reads it, it becomes true, right? 

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