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Tiny Pop Presents.... Chevpop - Leeds, Fox & Newt

by Andy Brown Rating:10 Release Date:2012-01-15

Another month rolls by and it’s time for another Tiny Pop Presents night of musical shenanigans and pop-up band revelry. If you haven’t been following the articles, the Tiny Pop project is the brainchild of one Rachael Rix-Moore and her rather impressive quest (yes, quest) to form, practice and perform with 13 different bands over the course of 2015.

The first two gigs set the tone nicely with the emphasis on fun, spontaneity and musical variety (support coming from experimental violin and guitar duo The Helicopter Quartet and effervescent, wedding covers outfit Penny & the Sausages). Tonight sees the choice of venue move back to the Fox & Newt and promises to be another variety box of musical treats.

First on tonight is artist and musician Charlotte Victoria Furness. Furness’ influences are drawn from the cabaret world, her style and between song banter portraying someone who just loves to entertain. The songs themselves are sweet, funny odes to relationships, beehives and Tony the notoriously tight dinosaur.

The songs are all delivered on ukulele and are infused with the unpretentious charm that has come to define the Tiny Pop gigs. Oh, and there’s even a cover of The Cure's eternally perfect ‘Just Like Heaven’ for good measure.

Next up we’re treated to the psychedelic stylings of Chevpop. The band is at the centre of the night’s manifesto, being Rix-Moores third pop-up band this year. Each pop-up band relates to a group from Rix-Moores past; Chevpop originally existed as Chevron around 2001/2002. The band's original incarnation revolved around punk songs, lengthy ambient pieces and the ritualistic consumption of large quantities of gin.

The band describes their previous incarnation as “chaotic and fun”, and while the fun-factor definitely remains, the band is impressively tight. There’s a nicely unexpected and visceral cover of Jeff Buckley’s ‘Nightmares by the Sea’ (dedicated to Neighbours Lazarus-like Harold Bishop) and a beautifully tear-jerking rendition of Nick Cave’s ‘People Ain’t No Good’.

The bands own material fizzes with electric, Nuggets-esque energy, while their set peaks with a brilliantly western-tinged psychedelic gallop through a newly written spoken-word piece. It’s a diverse, fun and confidently delivered performance. It’s also (as with all the pop-up bands in the project) the first and last gig the band will play.

The night is brought to a riotous conclusion with a set from Leeds based three-piece, City Yelps. The band specialises in energetic (and psychedelic) garage-rock, a reverberating blender of noise that recalls the punk spirit of acts such as Ty Segal and Thee Oh Sees. There’s a distinctly pop sparkle under all the frantic fuzz, while the propulsive and deceptively simple drum-beats propel each two-minute nugget of psych into the stratosphere.

The band barely pauses for breath and the set goes by in a satisfyingly exciting blur of late nights and booze-infused highs. They’ve been playing pretty fast and I even notice some blood on the bassist’s guitar. Committed, noisy and bloody psych; what more could you want at the weekend?

Another month and yet another triumphant event for Tiny Pop Presents. Can’t wait for the next gig.

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