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My Brightest Diamond - The Crocodile, Seattle, WA

by Brian Lange. Rating:9 Release Date:2012-02-21

Shara Worden is the frontwoman for Detroit-based trio My Brightest Diamond. Catching a mere glimpse of this woman on stage, you are immediately struck with an overwhelming sense of her presence. She emits a positive aura few others could replicate if they tried.    

As a child, Shara was exposed to many talented musicians including her father; an accordion player, her mother; an organist, and her uncle who taught her the piano. She would later graduate with a BA for vocal performance before going to New York City to study opera. After dabbling in several projects, in 2006 she formed My Brightest Diamond and has since released four studio albums under the moniker. My Brightest Diamond mix elements of opera, cabaret, chamber music, and rock.  

On stage, Shara comes off as incredibly spirited. She, along with touring members Chris Bruce on bass and Abe Rounds on drums, cannot help but exchange smiles throughout the performance. It is disgustingly charming to witness Shara dance around on stage while giggling and just being genuinely happy to be creating music. 

Her determination for positivity was laid bare when she spoke briefly about a stabbing incident that happened just days prior a couple blocks from the venue.  With teary eyes and a tremor in her voice, she said that [they] were going to be positive because we were all together now and going be optimistic. 

Shara’s openness to the crowd adds a touch of modest vulnerability to the performance; the emotion in her lyrics and performance is palpable as she prefaces 'I Have Never Loved Someone' with the statement: “This is a song I wrote for my son.” The room falls silent and there are few dry eyes seen. She later states how wonderful it is to see “all your smiling faces.”

During the encore, she gets off the stage to join everyone in the crowd. The respect for this woman is unbelievable; not a single person would attempt to overwhelm or crowd her. Just another example of the amazing energy this woman has and proof that there is good in the world.

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