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Digitalism - The Crocodile, Seattle, WA

by Brian Lange. Rating:10 Release Date:2012-03-04

When the lights dim and minimal lighting begins to illuminate the stage, Digitalism walks out to two Kraftwerk-style stands. From the ceiling to the floor, thin white strands drape over the stage creating something of a veil, a vapor screen on which projected images can dance. Lights from the inside of the drapes illuminate Jens Moelle and ─░smail Tüfekçi, as dark figures and a giant Digitalism logo on the back wall can be seen. As the band plays on, this hybrid of lights and layers creates an incredibly visceral visual experience without the absurd budget and sensory overload of a Nine Inch Nails show.

A view from afar would present the viewer with an interesting view of digitalized fodder: no overwhelmingly obvious shapes or patterns; a 90s envisioning of computerized virtual reality with polygonal and lined shapes along with colourful celestial forms. With a name like Digitalism, would you expect any less? A recurring shape is the Digitalism circle logo, not only displayed on the back, but projected throughout the show, juxtaposed with the colours and patterns on the veil, blending it in perfectly with the lights and the music itself.

You have to admire these guys for playing their classics without doing it verbatim. In other words, you know they’re not playing their music off a Macintosh stashed away somewhere; they're actually using their magical machines to create music live (eat your two hearts out, Daft Punk). This is also made apparent when Jense steps up to his 55S (better known as the 'Elvis Mic') and starts spitting out the few Digitalism lyrics there are without the aid of Auto-Tune or any kind of filters. 

Of course, there are preprogrammed sections, but there's enough variance in the songs to bring an appreciation for the art of playing live music. These guys are legit. Electronic musicians like Jence and Isi rank up there with geniuses such as The Chemical Brothers. The sound quality is excellent, not overly loud, with those in attendance pleased not to leave the show with blaring tinnitus. 

And what better song to close with than 'Pogo'? With beaming smiles from Isi, you know these two love what they do and appreciate the love given from the Seattle fans, even opting for a meet and greet after the show. An excellent gig from a duo which knows how to get a performance right.

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