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Echo & the Bunnymen - The Showbox

by Brian Lange. Rating:9 Release Date:2012-03-25

The Showbox in downtown Seattle, Washington is perhaps one of the most perfect places that Echo & the Bunnymen could have performed in. “It’s good to be back in Seattle,” remarks Ian McCulloch to an ecstatic sold out crowd. The venue, celebrating its 75th year, is well known for hosting legendary acts and musicians of years gone by, and is considered by many to be one of the most influential clubs in the country. With a beautiful art-deco backdrop, a sophisticated lighting arrangement, and an unparalleled sound quality, this show is one for the ages.

Ian is still as cool as a cucumber, sporting those flash sunglasses and suit. Cool is the operative word here, as the accumulation of bodies produced a sweltering temperature of what felt like about 32º (that’s 90º for us Yankees). 

Suffering from heat exhaustion, cramping muscles and sore limbs wasn’t nearly enough to deter the people in attendance. Some had been standing since the doors opened, soldiering through local opening act Prom Queen to assure a good viewing spot. The fans got what they came for.

Featuring just three songs off their latest record, Meteorites, Echo & the Bunnymen's set treated people to more of a greatest hits show - all the classics loved and revered by fans. Fan interaction and camaraderie really is something special. When Ian encourages the crowd to “sing along to this next one,” the crowd doesn’t miss a single verse. Observing the look of sheer delight on the fans’ faces was incredible.  

All the swooning ladies were smiling from ear to ear, unable to take their eyes off Ian. The fans were, simply put, really there for the music as opposed to someone who just wandered in on a Wednesday night or heard 'that Donnie Darko song' and thought it was pretty cool.

Echo & the Bunnymen are still as strong as ever. With a lot of young new touring bandmates, things are bound to feel much different from the 80s. People grow older, people move on, but Ian is still here and still giving the fans what they want. What’s more is that Ian still appears to genuinely be enjoying every minute of it.

  1.  Meteorites
  2.  Rescue
  3.  Do it Clean/When I Fall in Love/Sex Machine
  4.  Never Stop
  5.  People Are Strange 
  6.  Seven Seas
  7.  Bedbugs and Ballyhoo
  8.  Holy Moses
  9.  Over the Wall
  10.  Constantinople
  11.  All My Colours
  12.  Bring on the Dancing Horses
  13.  The Killing Moon
  14.  The Cutter

Encore one

  1.  Nothing Lasts Forever/Walk on the Wild Side
  2.  Lips Like Sugar

Encore two

  1. Ocean Rain

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I went to watch LFC last season and searched for Ian McCulloch on the Kop every other week. Never found him but apparently he is a season ticket holder.

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No idea what I would have said had I found him! I met him once in 1990 at a Sonic Youth gig.

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I've had a number of unexpected run in's with musicians and celebs over my time.. I guess I'm just dim but I never really notice it until after the fact.

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One of those "Ohh. So that was so-and-so." moments.

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I don't normally get bothered if I see a musician, not starstruck in any way. But I saw Andrew WK in Liverpool a few weeks back and couldn't talk to him.

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