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Lorelle Meets The Obsolete - Gullivers, Manchester

by Bob Coyne Rating:8 Release Date:2012-06-18

Mexico, the land of drug cartels, 120,000 lives lost to a drug war, and the beautiful holiday retreat of Cancun. If you believe all you read in the press then that’s all Mexico has to offer. Apparently there’s a constant stream of people trying to escape across the border to the land of the free.

Yet on a quiet Tuesday night in Manchester, England, I am treated to the sonic ear-bashing of Lorelle Meets the Obsolete from Guadalajara, Mexico. How confident do you have to be to start off like this: opening with b-side and recent Sonic Cathedral compilation offering 'Medicine to Cure Medicine Sickness'. They quickly follow with 'The In-Between' from last years Corruptible Faces album - an album that wasn’t even released outside their homeland. It’s a laidback start and shows their shoegaze influences more than their recent psych-rock tinged numbers.

'The Myth of the Wise' follows and is a sort of gateway into the new album material. The shoegaze sound is still there but very much beefed-up. Sounding not too dissimilar to Melody’s Echo Chamber, it could have been produced by Kevin Parker of Tame Impala.

Gullivers is a great little venue; the only complaint is that the crowd seem a little reluctant to venture too close to the stage. Maybe the fact it's only about six inches higher than the rest of the floor is a bit off-putting. Special mention to the woman at the very front, though, who from this point onwards, to the end of the gig, decides to send a text/email from her phone. A less polite band may have swung a guitar at her but LMTO continue to blow the rest of us away, even if phone woman deems her life so important she can’t disappear to the back of the venue to show some respect.

What’s even more remarkable about phone woman’s antics is that things really take off from here. Recent single 'Sealed Scene', 'Third Wave', 'What’s Holding You' and the excellent 'Music for Dozens' follow. All from recent album Chambers, they showcase a slight shift in sound which sees the band fit right in with the current psych-rock revival. Not sure if you can call it a scene when there’s artists from across the globe all drinking the same Kool Aid but when you look back in 20 years, make sure Chambers is in your record collection.

It seems the longer we go on, the more psychedelic things become. '13 Flowers' is a total head-fuck but the final song, 'Uncomfortable Knot', could strip paint from the walls. I can only find a 2:30 version of this on Bandcamp which really doesn’t do it justice, so hopefully we’ll hear the full version on their next album.

No doubt they’ll be popping up on lots of festival line-ups this summer. Make sure you see them, and credit to Sonic Cathedral for bringing Lorelle Meets the Obsolete to the wider world. Now, what else is Mexico hiding from us?

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