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Maximo Park - Rock City, Nottingham

by Lawrence Poole Rating:8 Release Date:2012-07-01

Any air of lethargy which can accompany a midweek gig at the tail end of winter didn’t stand a snowflake in hell’s chance here. Such was the sheer force and fervour with which the North Eastern noiseniks swarmed all over the Rock City stage, it was tantamount to showering the sizeable crowd in crushed Berocca.

The sparky five-piece rolled into town on the back of a clutch of warm reviews for their latest and fifth studio offering, Too Much Information. Sporting the customary black fedora hat, sharp suit and a pair of Ray Bans due to a medical issue (not rock star cool – as he was quick to point out), the Park’s Duracell Bunny of a frontman Paul Smith had the audience in the palm of his gesticulating hands from the get-go.

With 14 years on the clock, it was still the old mid-noughties standouts - like the fearsome Our Velocity and a pulsating Apply Some Pressure - which sent the masses into a pogoing frenzy, but pleasingly their newest material was lapped up too.

Standout moments included the contemplative, lovelorn single Leave This Island and ode to nostalgic drinking days, Drinking Martinis. Both surfed on the back of Lukas Wooller’s deliciously dark keyboard licks, who also managed to combine his piano duties with expert cameos at crowd orchestration.

Using the speaker stacks impressively as podiums, Smith too knew how to garner maximum interest from the crowd, creating a real communal feel throughout. The bittersweet romance of Books For Boxes, which poetically narrates the end of a relationship, was as tight yet moving as ever, while Midnight On The Hill was similarly atmospheric.

The quintet’s live reputation continues to hold them in good stead and in an age where bands depend more and more on their live income to maintain their existence, all power to them.
The good folk of Nottingham will no doubt keep heading down to play with the Park for as long as they’ll have us.

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