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Deap Vally - The Deaf Institute, Manchester

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Noise-rock is having a takeover it'd, seem. Two-piece bands blending the simplicity of The White Stripes and The Hives with the riffs of QOTSA and Archie Bronson Outfit are even coming out of Yorkshire's musical capital, Sheffield. Drenge, mainly. They blasted into Manchester supporting the grrrly Californians Deap Vally.

The brothers (Drenge) assume a John Spencer Blues Explosion attitude from the start. They're fresh-faced and fast-paced, loud, noisy and vigorous, but with some melody as well. Young, like Australia's DZ Deathrays, they're like one of those secondary school bands you see, and they're amazing. And then they get better and more amazing.

Each track is full of short, sharp riffs, lots of bassy guitar and lots of crash. On paper, it just sounds like noise but live there are so many intricacies and changes in tempo - it's busy right from the start. Great writing, really. The vocals are a bit screamy here and there,and they're fantastically heavy on the feedback. They're excellent musicians. Forget anything Meg White ever tried on the drums, obviously. I don't even know whether this could be called something other than noise-rock - it gets so noisily interesting at times. Nu-thrash? Either way, it's bad ass.

Headliners Deap Vally, by way of a momentary cotrast, totally pull off the "Yeah, we're all cute and giggly girls and stuff, like, yeah", then fuck your head up with a massive amount of rock. The second track, November's single 'Gonna Make My Own Money', has so many familiar riffs and melodies, fantastic drum rolls again (yeah, you can't get away from the immense drumming here), but still went down amazingly, with the whole crowd transfixed on the stage.

With a couple of new songs thrown in, as well as a chat about various British expletives found scrawled on walls in and around places the venue of their last gig (Soup Kitchen), Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards do an amazing show, despite the guitar getting a bit same-y at times. They've great stage presence and funny interactions; scuzzy noise and squealing vocals like Karen O. They have slow, bottom-end strumming, rolling drums, clear blues guitar and the drumming... Ohh, the drumming. They're the kind of girls you look at and want to be, and not just becasue they're super-hot. The boys probably even want to be them too. Again, bad ass. As they describe themselves.

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