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Jake Bugg - Rescue Rooms

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From the moment the BBC clocked on to Jake Bugg's '60s-infused 'Lightning Bolt' and used it to repeatedly soundtrack any montage scene involved the human cannonball Usain Bolt, the impish teenager from Nottingham has not looked back. A number one album, a US arena tour with Snow Patrol and Noel Gallagher, props from The Stone Roses and Bradley Wiggins - it has been mini-high after mini-high.

On a wild and windy night, the 18-year-old (maddeningly he could pass for 15) returned to the spotlight in the town which inspired much of his debut album. Eight pound tickets are being flogged for six times that much outside while an audience peppered with friends and family members buoyantly await the young man's arrival.

Opening, appropriately following his American adventures, with non-album track 'Kentucky', Bugg's passion for all things blues and rock 'n' roll is immediately apparent. Endearingly shy, the between track banter is minimal at best, but the strength of his voice and authenticity of his material more than makes up for it.
'Trouble Town's ode to escaping the Clifton housing estate he grew up in strikes the first chord with a crowd baying for the gig to catch light. The Coral-inflected 'Note to Self' and and sublime 'Simple As This', meanwhile, diplay a real maturity in his writing.

It's not until recent single 'Two Fingers' and the aforementioned 'Lightning Bolt' that a surprisingly sensible Friday night crowd really bursts into life. Finally, the mass singalong for 'Country Song' in the encore is as lusty as it moving.

There's no doubt Bugg is riding the crest of quite some wave at the moment and with a sold out tour in February to follow, it shows no sign of abating. Thankfully, he seems to have a level head on his impossibly young shoulders. Let's hope so, anyway - if things continue on the current trajectory, it could get a little crazy.

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