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Japandroids - Soup Kitchen, Manchester

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Hitting Manchester's Soup Kitchen for a pre-album release tour, Japandroids attracted a fairly geeky crowd for their raucous live show. Due out on 5th June, their third release Celebration Rock sees the Canadian two-piece throw out more of their indie-rock revelations, filled with dual vocals and jangly guitar riffs.

They put on a good show, despite singer Brian King struggling with his banter and looking a little awkward at times. Having gained an amount of notoriety for energetic live performances, they upheld this label, with a raw and energetic performance and some really tight, fast drumming. David Prowse must've been exhausted by the end of the set.

Having been put under the genre of 'noise rock', which seems to be developing into an incredibly broad genre, they're not really a noisy band. There's not a lot of feedback or reverb. It's all very top-end and at the more melodic and less feedback-filled end of noise rock, more raucous and enthusiastic indie-garage-rock, like The Men or The Walkmen rather than A Place to Bury Strangers.

Delivering a set of tracks from throughout their six year career, Japandroids have the kind of slightly annoying, yelpy vocals you'd find in some rather twee indie acts, not like some of the acts they're likened to such as The Black Keys - Well, in my opinion. The songs are too high-pitched and hectic sounding to be compared to those.

Being a band who have toured heavily after faltering on whether to continue, their live shows are a must-see for people who like their recordings, and although it's not really my bag, they define what a band should be - pushing out recordings and making a massive celebration of them in an energetic live show.

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Japandroids - Soup Kitchen, Manchester - Gigs - Reviews - Soundblab
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