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Odonis Odonis - The Brudenell Social Club, Leeds

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The Mt. Sierra Trip are a quartet of pasty, floppy haired indie-waifs who sound like My Bloody Valentine most of the time, and sometimes like Yuck and all the bands they sound like. Very occasionally, they go a bit space rock, which is exciting, but this seems to be rare. Instead of a singer, they have a mumbler. I can see his lips move but most of the time I can't actually hear what he's murmuring. I guess this must be intentional. Still, it's hard to get excited by such noise when the people making it look so disengaged.

During their set, I notice they all sport almost identical skinny black jeans and thick-soled, black boots. This could be evidence of a gang uniform approach to band styling, but instead just strikes me as a slightly depressing lack of sartorial imagination. They barely move on stage except for their feet which, after every few chords, dart out to jab at pedals on the floor. I guess that explains the need for thick soles.

Best Friends are a tad more in-your-face. Normally, the sight of the bassist's lank hair and wool hat combo would have my inner monologue retching, but his enthusiasm and lack of poise actually cheer me up a bit. Best Friends play their indie-rock pretty straight but they do it well and they throw in some funky riffs and tempo changes to keep it nimble and interesting. Plus the drummer is something of a powerhouse. They need to rethink the wool-hat-worn-indoors fashion statement, however. It's not working.

Odonis Odonis are more active still, bringing some old-school punk energy and intensity to proceedings. Their garage rock is pretty uncomplicated, but they have a synth-drum and drum machine, which they deploy in imaginative ways to set the scene and provide texture and atmospherics. Because of this fusing of tech and guitar, as on 'New World', Odonis Odonis actually resemble Depeche Mode in their full goth-rock pomp. It all comes together on latest single 'Handle Bars', a mixture of Jesus & Mary Chain feedback, cavernous drums, US hardcore and Hives-style riffing.

It has to be said, however, that the reaction from the crowd is pretty lukewarm, with just a smattering of applause and a few polite whoops after each song. I look round, notice the predominance of pouting indie-waifs in the audience, their poor necks trembling under the weight of their fringes, and I think I understand.

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