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Glasvegas - Relentless Garage

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Let's cut to the chase - female drummers are cool. No if, no buts - they ARE cool. Yet in the alpha male world of rock 'n' roll they are a rare breed indeed. However, surely if any budding female stickswoman out there needed a tad more encouragement into how much fun can be had behind a drum kit, they need look no further than Jonna Löfgren.

On Tuesday night's evidence, the waif-like Swede - resplendent in leathers and wayfarers - has taken the name of this venue quite literally, judging by her 90-minute powerhouse performance. Taking to the stage in front of classic black and white footage of heroes The Ronettes, Glasvegas quickly set about hitting the ground running - unleasing debut album classics' 'Flowers and Football Tops' and 'Geraldine' before the sold out audience has chance to breathe.

With Löfgren beating the living daylights out of her drums without appearing to issue even a bead of sweat, and guitarist Rab Allan thrashing out the kind of visceral licks The Clash would have been proud of, it's an impressive opening salvo. A pounding 'Polmont on My Mind' maintains the pace, but sadly a mid-set lull proves more of a mood killer than much-need respite. 'Ice Cream Van' sounds muggy, while the bulk of Euphoric Heartbreak, goes a similar way, with any momentum lost in a fug of swirling guitars.

Thankfully, the quartet, led by chatty frontman James Allan - who toys with the Scots who throng at the front of the stage - get back on track with 'Euphoria, Take My Hand'. A delicious slice of Spector-esque indie-pop, it's one of the highlights of their sophomore album. And with an encore featuring the emotive 'Lots Sometimes' and much-requested 'Daddy's Gone' up their sleeve - it's a case of all's well that end's well.

For Glasvegas to make the strides their talent deserves, album three needs to sparkle with more of these gems if mid-set lulls are to become a thing of the past.

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